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What do we do?

Here at 88 Training we specialize in one on one personal and group training where we make sure every session is centred around the client and their specific needs. We want to make sure that the changes our clients make to their life style, training and food habits are all sustainable and reasonable to live a better and healthier life.
What We Believe
We believe that there is no need to spend hours at the gym. In most cases an average individuals workout does not need to last longer than 3o minutes at a time as long as the workout is focused well structured and intense enough to give the body the shock it needs to start making the changes that you want. With a quick and intense workout you can be in and out of the gym in no time and you will have more time to focus on other aspect of your life and still be fit at it.
Different From The Rest
We currently offer 4 Training programs each specializing in deferent key areas of training from beginner to advanced and even rehab work.
What We Offer

What our customers had to say

From the start of the Full Body Training Programme, I knew I was with the right trainer.

Before that, I was in a complete rut; I was in pain after a car crash, binge eating, consistently gaining weight and my fitness levels were at an all time low. Worst of all, my motivation levels were nonexistent. Fast forward 12 sessions and my motivation has been ignited, I enjoy training and I’m not restricted nutritionally. I’m losing fat, building lean muscle and feel better from the inside out.

Frank is a truly exceptional personal trainer. He pushes me harder than I imagine possible and makes every session enjoyable even when my thinking mind tells me I can’t/don’t want to do this. He patiently answers all questions, is on call via social media morning, noon and night and accommodates my crazy schedule.

What sets Frank apart from other PT’s is: his undivided attention to clients during the sessions, his focus on correct technique and the fact he cares about my results.

I can only recommend him with compliments and complete confidence; if you need help to achieve your fitness goals and ensure added value for money then Frank’s the guy to go to.

I’ve been training with Frank for over 5 months now. Not only has he helped me lose fat, build strength and muscle in a sustainable way, but also has boosted my self esteem and confidence too (in and out of the gym). Always available to answer any queries I might have and a fantastic motivator and friend. Could not recommend him enough!
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